Monday, May 20, 2013

It's Summer 2013!

With each passing year, spending time with the Lord Jesus Christ becomes more powerful and impacting. And studying His Word becomes more impactful the more we study. What keeps me grounded in the Word is the fact the I am, you are and we are all sinners saved by grace. That we can know the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph is amazing to me. Christ is the same today as he was when He created the heavens; powerful, fearsome, loving, and gracious (and that's just for starters!). And that God sent his only son to atone for my sins and the sins of the world is awesome.

Jesus wants that relationship with everyone. He wants to restore that intimate relationship that Adam and Eve experienced in the garden and with everyone, no matter what your walk in life is, no matter the color of your skin, no matter what your ethnicity, no matter what your politics, no matter what your religion. Before we are saved, Christ stands at the door of each our hearts and knocks. He will not force Himself on us, but He will come in to our hearts if asked. And through that receiving of Christ, we can know that we are saved, born again if you will, and that our names are then written in the book of life.

Thanks for joining Chuck and me on our quest to know Christ better, to trust Christ more and to walk closer in His footsteps by studying the Bible. Have a great Summer! Spend time in the Word. Some ideas to help you get started:
  • How about homiletics on a New Testament book (use the major sections in each chapter as your guide)
  • How about a word or phrase study (look up grace, or prayer, etc.)
  • Do a study of the names of God (Jehovah-Jireh as our provider; Jehovah-Shalom as our peace, etc.) 
  • Read Proverbs daily (Proverbs 1 on the 1st of the month, Proverbs 2 on the 2nd of the month, etc.)
  • Read through an Old Testament book with a trusted commentary.
No matter what you do, spend time in prayer and conversation with God. I'll be doing that no matter what I do in studying the Bible this Summer. As you do, enjoy the fellowship with the creator of the universe and see what adventures He will lead you on.
See you in the Fall!
John B 

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