Sunday, May 5, 2013

Genesis 49; Lesson 30

Chuck's study this week:

Lesson     30
Passage Genesis 49

Content (List of Topics or Events)

Jacob gives specific blessings to his sons (Genesis 49:1-28)
a. Reuben; No longer excel (3-4)
b. Simeon & Levi; scattered in Israel (5-7)
 c. Judah; father’s sons will bow (8-12)
d. Zebulun; live by seashore (13)
e. Issachar; submit to forced labor (14-15)
f. Dan; provide justice (16-18)
g. Gad, Asher, Naphili; characteristics (19-21)
h. Joseph; fruitful vine with deep blessings (22-26)
h. Benjamin; ravenous wolf (27)
i. All tribes blessed (28)
Jacob gives instructions for burial and dies (Genesis 49:29-33)
a. Jacob instructs sons to bury with fathers purchased by Abraham (29-32)
b. Jacob breaths last and gathered to his people (33)

Divisions (Main Blocks of Thought)

Jacob gives specific blessings to his sons
Genesis 49:1-28
Jacob gives instructions for burial and dies
 Genesis 49:29-33

Subject Sentence (Summarizes the contents of the Divisions – No more than 10 words)

Jacob gives sons final specific blessings, burial instructions and dies

Aim (Main Teaching Point of the Passage)

To Learn that God knows our story and wants a part in our future

Specific Application Questions

1.       How can we provide specific blessings to our children?
2.       How do we visibly demonstrate our faith to our children?

Principles to Remember

Our investment in our children can produce rich rewards.
Our Faith is can be our legacy to our family.

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