Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Genesis 4:25-5:32; Lesson 6

Chuck's study this week:

Lesson     6

Passage Genesis 4:25-5:32

Content (List of Topics or Events)
Seth’s legacy to Enoch  (Genesis 4:25-5:20)
a. Seth called on the name of the Lord (4:25-26)
b. Adam had sons and daughters lived and died (5:1-5)
c. Seth had Enosh  lived and died(6-7)
d. Enosh had Kenan lived and died (9-11)
e. Kenan had Mahalel lived and died (12-14)
f. Mahalel had Jared lived and died (15-17)
g. Jareh had Enoch lived and died (18-20)

 Enoch legacy walking with God (Genesis 5:21-23)
a. Enoch had Methusaleh (21)
b. Enoch walked with God (22-23)
c. Enoch taken away to God (24)

Continued sin legacy - Methusaleh to Noah (Genesis 5:25-32)
a. Methusaleh had Lamech lived and died (25-27)
b.  Lemech had Noah comfort in labor had Shem, Ham and Japheth (28-32)

Divisions (Main Blocks of Thought)
Seth’s legacy to Enoch 
Genesis 4:25-5:20
Enoch legacy walking with God
 Genesis 5:21-23
Continued sin legacy - Methusaleh to Noah
 Genesis 5:25-32

Subject Sentence (Summarizes the contents of the Divisions – No more than 10 words)
Adam legacy is death; Enoch’s faith legacy walking with God
Aim (Main Teaching Point of the Passage)
To Learn that sin’s legacy is death and faith walk brings life with God
Specific Application Questions

1.       What is our legacy?

2.       How do we walk with God?

3.       In what ways are we a comfort in labor?
Principles to Remember

Sin leads to death

Faith in Jesus brings life.

God has a mission for us

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