Monday, May 14, 2012

Acts 21:16-28:31; Lesson 31

Chuck's study this week!

Lesson    31

Passage  Acts 21:16-28:31

Content (List of Topics or Events)
Paul’s witness to Jerusalem Christians and Jewish Conflict (Acts 21:16-22:29)
a. Report of God’s work to Gentiles (21:16-25)
b. Jewish purification and conflict at Temple brought on by Ephesian Jews (21:26-36)
c. Paul speaks to Crowd (21:37-22:29)

Paul’s witness and Defense of Ministry with Encouragement (Acts 22:30-25:27)
a. Paul before Sanhedrin (22:30-23:11)
b. Paul protected and transferred to Caesarea (22:12-35)
c. Trial before Felix and witness brought personal fear (24:1-27)
d. Trial before Festus and sent to Agrippa(25:1-22)
e. Trial before Agrippa and sent to Rome (25:23-26:32)
Paul’s journey to Rome and witness of Christ (Acts 27:1- 28:31)
a. Paul’s warnings trip peril in Crete (27:1-12)
b. Paul’s encouragement in Storm and shipwreck (27:13-44)
c. Paul’s healing of man bitten by snake and result (28:1-10)
d. Paul’s preaching in Rome 28:11-31

Divisions (Main Blocks of Thought)
Paul’s witness to Jerusalem Christians and Jewish Conflict
Acts 21:16-22:29
Paul’s defense of ministry with God’s Encouragement
Acts 22:30-25:27
Paul’s journey to Rome and his Witness of Christ
Acts 27:1- 28:31

Subject Sentence (Summarizes the contents of the Divisions – No more than 10 words)
Paul’s defense of Gospel, Jerusalem, courts and journey to Rome
Aim (Main Teaching Point of the Passage)
To Learn that it boldly proclaiming salvation through Christ is the ministry of all Christians; we are under God’s will and protection.
Specific Application Questions

1.       How bold are you in standing for your faith?

2.       When you are called on to share your faith; do you clearly share resurrected Jesus?

3.       When hardships arise, is Jesus your anchor?

Principles to Remember

God is our support in all circumstances

God wants us where we are to witness clearly for Him

Jesus is our anchor; hold fast and he will be present.

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