Saturday, December 3, 2011

Homiletics: Hebrews 7 - Hebrews 10; Lesson 12

Don's study this week:


Melchizedek, King of righteousness and Salem (Peace) w/out genealogy beginning/end of life, priest forever, collected/blessed, greater than Abraham 1-10
Perfection not attainable through Aaron line priesthood, change in priesthood means change in law 11,12
Melchizedek from different tribe, just as Jesus from tribe of Judah 13-15
Priest on basis of indestructible life is priest forever, former regulation set aside, weak/useless 16-18
A better hope introduced, superior high priest, Jesus as guarantee of better covenant, lives forever, permanent priesthood, meets our need by His sacrifice for sin, once and for all 19-28
Jesus ministry superior to earthly high priest in shadow (of heavenʼs superior) tabernacle, His new covenant superior with Israel/Judah, God writes his law on peoples hearts, He is our God and we are His people, old covenant obsolete. Chapter 8
First covenant rules, earthly sanctuary with Holy Place and Most Holy Place 9:1-3
Incense, ark of covenant contained manna, Aaron staff, Tablets, cherubim of the Glory overshadow atonement cover, 9: 4-5
High Priest enter earthly Most Holy once/year, blood offered for sin of himself/people, did not clear consciences. 6-10
Jesus enters Most Holy greater tabernacle, by own blood sacrifice, gains eternal redemption, cleansed our consciences, mediator of new covenant 11-21
Blood of covenant necessary to cleanse, no forgiveness without shed blood 22-24
Jesus entered heavenly Most Holy Place once, sacrificed once to take away sin for many, will return a second time to bring salvation 25-28
Old sacrifices not sufficient, Jesus perfect sacrifice to atone for all sin, once and for all, we are made holy because of His obedience to do Fatherʼs will. 10:1-14
Holy Spirit testifies to new covenant Lord puts law in hearts and write on minds, sins/lawless acts remembered no more 14-18
Confidence by Jesus blood, new and living way, and great high priest, draw near to God with full assurance of faith, cleansed conscience from guilt, Let us hold to hope, encourage one another 19-25
Those who keep on sinning have no sacrifice left, expect severe, dreadful, judgement of raging fire for enemies of God 26-31
Remember boldness of earlier days of having light to stand ground, confidence rewarded doing the will of God, we do not shrink back destroyed, but believe and are saved. 32-3

SS: Jesus Christ, The Greatest High Priest for Godʼs New Covenant

CATL: Because, Jesus our high priest, cleansed us from all sin, and intercedes on our behalf constantly, we are called to not shrink back but persevere

A Greater High Priest Hebrews 7
Application: How does knowing Jesus is the Great High Priest forever, comfort or encourage you?

A Greater Tabernacle Hebrews 8-9:10
Application: What might you need to take to the heavenly Most Holy Place this week in prayer?

A Greater Sacrifice Hebrews 9:11-10:18
Application: Since we have been made holy according to Godʼs will by the blood of Jesus sacrifice once and for all, what guilt are you still holding onto? What sins do you think youʼve committed that Jesus will always remember or is unable to forgive?

A Greater Confidence and Hope Hebrews 10:19-39
Application: Therefore, Who do you need to encourage to persevere in the faith this week with your infectious confidence in Christ?

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