Saturday, October 29, 2011

Homiletics Acts 14 - Lesson 7

Don's study:

SS: Paul endures extreme hardship in completing his first missionary journey
CATL: While we may face severe or extreme hardship in sharing the gospel, the Lord is faithful to encourage us with fellowship and rest
Paul and Barnabas face fierce opposition in speaking the good news boldly
Paul and Barnabas speak boldly; Jews, Gentiles divided, Jews stir up trouble yet great many believe. vs 1-4
Paul/Barnabas discover stoning plot, flee to Lystra and Derbe, preach good news vs 5-7
Paul commands lame man in Lystra to “ Stand up on your feet”, man healed, crowd think Paul is a human form of God vs 8-11
Barnabas called Zeus, Paul, Hermes, Priest of Zeus prepares people to offer sacrifice to them vs 12-13
Apostles tear clothes and declare themselves only human, just bringing good news of living, creator God, not worthless things vs 14-15
Testimony of God obvious in creation, rain, crops, plenty of food, hearts filled with joy vs16-18
Jews travel/follow from Antioch, Iconium, stir crowd, stone Paul, leave for dead outside city vs19
Disciples gather round Paul, he gets up and goes back into the city vs 20a
Application: Where and to whom is the Holy Spirit prompting you to speak boldly the truth about our Lord Jesus?

Paul and Barnabas win and encourage believers as they return to Antioch
Paul/Barnabas go to Derbe, preach, large number of people won without struggle, vs 20b-21
Paul/Barnabas return to Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch strengthing, encouraging, warning new disciples vs 22
Committed elders and churches to Lord thru prayer, fasting vs 23
Traveled thru Pisidia, Phampylia, preached in Perga and sailed from Attalia vs 24-25
Back in Antioch, work completed, reported all God had done, stayed long time vs 26-28
Application: How do you encourage other believers in your life? What can you do to be more encouraging to other believers in your community?

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