Monday, October 17, 2011

Acts 9:31 – Acts 12:25 - Lesson 5

John's study this week:

Content (In your own words, summarize passages into sentences. Goal of 12 – 15 sentences.

1.      Acts 9:31 – Acts 9:43; As the church, living in fear of the Lord and encouraged by the HS, enjoyed a time of peace in the region, Peter he heals a paralytic in Lydda and raises a dead woman to life in Joppa causing many to believe on the Lord.
2.      Acts 10:1 – Acts 10:6 At Caesarea there was a man named Cornelius, a Roman centurion, who was a believer and one day had a vision from a angel that he Corny should send for a man named Simon who is called Peter.
3.      Acts 10:7 – Acts 10:8  Corny tells of his vision to and sends 2 servants and one soldier to find Peter a day’s journey away.
4.      Acts 10:9 – Acts 10:18  Even while C’s men approach, Peter goes to his roof to pray where her has a vision from God describing something like a sheet coming down with all kinds of animals and is told that it is now OK to kill and each such even though Peter holds up the Jewish law forbidding such.
5.      Acts 10:19 – Acts 10:23a Peter also has a vision of the men sent by Corny. In the vision Peter is told to go with them, which he does traveling to Corny’s where he has an epiphany that The Lord, Jesus Christ offers salvation to both Jew and Gentile.
6.      Acts 10:23b – Acts 10:48  Peter witness to Corny, his household receive the HS into their lives as well as speak in tongues, astounding the Christians who had accompanied Peter. Peter had them all baptized in water, then stayed for several more days.
7.      Acts 11:1 – Acts 11:3 As word gets out that Peter has spent time w/ Gentiles he gets some criticism and heat.
8.      Acts 11:4 – Acts 11:18 So Peter tells the story, visions, HS coming upon them, the baptism and everyone accepts this, praising God for this new revelation.
9.      Acts 11:19 – Acts 11:22  Now believers who had been scattered due to persecution had been speaking only to Jews, now began speaking to Gentiles too, causing a bit of anxiety in the church in Jerusalem, so Barnabas was dispatched to check it out (and fix if needed).
10.  Acts 11:23 – Acts 11:26a Barnabas saw what great things were happening in the church at Antioch and encouraged what they were doing. So much so that he sent for Saul in Tarsus. They stayed w/ the Antioch church for a year.
11.   Acts 11:26b This (at Antioch) was the first time believers were called Christians.
12.  Acts 12:1 – Acts 12:6 Herod kills James, bro of John, and imprisons Peter with a heavy guard to watch over him.
13.  Acts 12:7 – Acts 12:17 An angel of the Lord helps Peter escape from prison and the city and travel to the house of Mary, mother of John, called Mark where he knocks repeatedly on the door until someone believes that it is he and not a ghost and he tells of his escape
14.  Acts 12:18 – Acts 12:19a The morning following Peter’s escape is full of commotion among the guards about what happened. Then the guards were executed for letting it happen.
15.  Acts 12:19b – Acts 12:25 Herod travels from Judea to Caesarea, makes a speech failing to praise God so an angel struck him down, he was eaten by worms then died.
(Summarize main groupings of thoughts. Goal of 2, 3 or 4 divisions. ID passages covered)

I. Peter ministers to the sick in Lydda, raises the dead in Joppa and brings the salvation msg to Gentiles in Caesarea.
(Acts 9:31 – Acts 10:31)

Application: Will you be faithful to God’s calling in ministering beyond your comfort level?

Application:  Are you prepared to do the Father’s will in meeting the needs of a fallen world?

II. Peter explains his actions in Jerusalem and the Gospel message continues spreading to Jews and Gentiles alike.           
(Acts 11:1 – Acts 11:30)

Application: Are you prepared to give your testimony to the church in obedience to God’s calling?

Application: Are you ready to give a commitment to your church to see it succeed?

III. Peter miraculous escape!
(Acts 12:1 – Acts 12:25)

Application: Are you ready to believe your eyes and praise God when JC gets you out of a jam!!

Application: Are you willing to keep knocking on the doors within the church in order to praise, give prophetic msg to the church and give God the glory?

Subject Sentence (Summarizing the Divisions into one sentence):

God’s power over sin, sickness and death is for everyone. (10 words)

Or: Peter ministers and receives revelation of the Gospel for everyone. (10 words)

Aim (A main teaching point for the overall study of the passages):

To cause the audience to see that His Gospel message is for the whole world and not for a select few.

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