Sunday, November 16, 2014

Exodus 25-31; Lesson 10

Chuck's Study this week:

Homiletics                              Study of Life of Moses
Lesson     10                           Passage Exodus 25-31
Content (List of Topics or Events)
God's direction for making the Tabernacle (Exodus 25-27)
a. Offering to Lord (25:1-7)
b. Tabernacle Furnishing 25:8-40)
- Ark, Atonement cover, table, lampstand, seven lamps
c. Tabernacle  (26:1-29)
- Ten curtains, tent over tabernacle, upright frames, crossbars
d. Tabernacle setup (26:30-27:21
God's instructions for Priests (Exodus 28-30)
a. Selection of Priests (28:1)
b. Garments for Priests defined (28:2-28;31-43)
c. Aaron attire represents Israel (28:29-30)
d. Sacrifice – consecration and atonement (29-30)

God's provision for workers and Sabbath rest (Exodus 31)
a. Selection of Workers   (31:1-11)
b.  Sabbath Observance (31:12-18)

Divisions (Main Blocks of Thought)
God's direction for making the Tabernacle
Exodus 25-27
God's instructions for Priests
Exodus 28-30
God's provision for workers and Sabbath rest
Exodus 31

Subject Sentence (Summarizes the contents of the Divisions – No more than 10 words)
God's direction for building the Tabernacle, Priest and worker's rest.
Aim (Main Teaching Point of the Passage)
To learn that a holy people are respectful of each other, celebrates the Holy God and maintain the covenant relationship with Him
Specific Application Questions
How does the Lord dwell in you life; how is He a central part of your life focus?
In what ways do you set apart and identify and honor the royalty of God?
How has the Lord set you apart for a special task?
Principles to Remember
God is with us and dwells with His own
God honors our sacrifice of love
We all have a skill to be used to make Jesus famous

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