Sunday, February 23, 2014

Matthew 19:23 - 21:17; Lesson 21

Chuck's study this week:

Lesson    21

Passage Matthew 19:23-21:17

Content (List of Topics or Events)
Following Jesus – Last/First and First/Last Kingdom (Matthew 19:23-20:16)
a. Salvation through man – Impossible but with God all things possible (19:23-26)
b. Followers have a huge inheritance with eternal life (19:27-29)
c. Parable to explain Kingdom First/Last  Principle – God wants all whenever they come in His Kingdom (19:30 - 20:16)
Kingdom’s Cost – Richly paid; humble servants (Matthew 20:17-28)
a. The cost – Sacrifice of Jesus (17-19)
b. Mother of Zebedee’s sons request for honor and challenge (20-23)
c. Disciples response to request with Jesus’ description of service (24-28)

Kingdom Presented -Jesus enters Jerusalem with praise and criticism from religious (Matthew 20:29-21:17)
a. Blind healed (pay attention here)  (29-34)
b. Preparation for entry with donkey; prophecy fulfilled (21:1-7)
c. Praise for Jesus; Son of David  (8-11)
d. Jesus cleanses temple 12-17)
Divisions (Main Blocks of Thought)
Following Jesus – Last/First and First/Last Kingdom
Matthew 19:23-20:16
Kingdom’s Cost – Richly paid; humble servants
Matthew 20:17-28
Kingdom Presented -Jesus enters Jerusalem with praise  and criticism from religious
Matthew 20:29-21:17
Subject Sentence (Summarizes the contents of the Divisions – No more than 10 words)
Kingdom of God involves priorities, cost and Jesus Jerusalem entry
Aim (Main Teaching Point of the Passage)
To learn that the Kingdom God has a cost paid for through God’s servant Jesus
Specific Application Questions

1.       What is your priorities; in what ways do you want recognition?

2.       How do you recognize the cost of the kingdom; what are you willing sacrifice?

3.       Where do you praise or do you question the challenge of Jesus in your life?
Principles to Remember

First shall be servants in the Kingdom of God

There is a cost to being a follower of Christ.

Some praise grace and some challenge mercy.

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