Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Matthew 9:1 - 34; Lesson 10

John's study this week:

Matthew 9:1-34

1. Matthew 9:1 – 8 After cross by boat, Jesus first forgives a paralyzed man of sin which maddens the teachers of the law saying Jesus blasphemed to which Jesus replies that he as the Son of Man has authority to heal both sins and body, which He then proceeds to do, healing the man.
2. Matthew 9:9 – 13 Jesus calls Matthew, a tax collector, to follow Him, which also maddens the Pharisees not understanding that as Jesus explained that “For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”
3. Matthew 9:14 – 15 When  John’s disciples came and asked him about the practice of fasting, questioning why Jesus disciples don’t , Jesus explained that a time will come when Jesus will not be on Earth and that then fasting will be part of a believer’s life.
4. Matthew 9:16 – 17 Using metaphors of sewing patches and putting new wine in old skins, Jesus declares that his life represents new life for new believers
5. Matthew 9:18 – 19, 23 - 26  When Jesus was approached by a synagogue leader to heal his now thought dead daughter, Jesus went with his disciples to the man’s house, put the crowd of scoffers out then raised the girl to life.
6. Matthew 9:20 – 22 On the way to the synagogue leader’s home a woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years touched the edge of Jesus cloak and Jesus sensing the woman’s need and desire turned healed her immediately “by her faith.”
7. Matthew 9:27 – 31 When two blind men followed Jesus calling out  to the Son of David, Jesus asked if they believed he could heal them to which they replied YES! So Jesus touched their eyes, they were healed, and, then Jesus gives a stern warning “See that no one knows about this,” which they promptly ignore in their excitement.
8. Matthew 9:32 - 34 Jesus heals a demon possessed man who could not talk but now does which amazes the crowd and the Pharisees declare that Jesus’ power is from Satan.

Divisions (Between 2 – 4 major divisions)

1. Matthew 9:1 – 8, 18 – 34 Jesus heals where faith is strong and healing seemingly impossible to the amazement and awe of many and disbelief and condemnation of so called religious.

 Application: Are you open to Christ’s healing in your life?

2. Matthew 9:9 – 13 Jesus calls Matthew to discipleship and calls sinners to repentance.

Application: How are you treating despised ‘tax payers’ in your life?

3. Matthew 9:14 – 17 Jesus teaches on fasting and its place in His ministry, both earthly and heavenly.

Application: What would cause you to re-examine your understanding of fasting in your life?

Subject Sentence (actual sentence of ten words or less)

Jesus heals the impossible, calls sinners and challenges religious institutions.

AIM (Major teaching point

TCTATS Cause the audience to see that Jesus came to challenge religiosity and religious institutions.

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