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Genesis 18 - 19; Lesson 16

John's study this week:
(In your own words, summarize passages into sentences. Goal of 12 – 15 sentences)

Genesis 18

1. Genesis 18:1 – 8 The Lord and two men came to Abraham, who offered rest, refreshments and comfort, hurried to see to their comfort having Sarah bake bread, his servant to prepare a meal and while they ate, he stood nearby.
2. Genesis 18:9 – 15 Then the Lord asked where Sarah was and declared that this time next year Sarah would bear a son, and not to dis the idea because they were both old and Sarah laughed at the idea and when called about it by the Lord, she lied; and the Lord called her out for it.
3. Genesis 18:16 – 19 When the men were about to leave, the Lord declared that he had chosen Abraham to fulfill his promise of descendants.
4. Genesis 18:20 – 23 The Lord declared that the outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah was so great because of their sin that he had to see for himself after which the men left, but Abraham asked the Lord if he would kill both the righteous and unrighteous in the town?
5. Genesis 18:24 – 33 Abraham asked what if there were 50 righteous, or 45 righteous, or 40 righteous, or 30 righteous, or 20 righteous, or 10 righteous would the Lord destroy the town to which the Lord replied “For the sake of ten, I will not destroy it.” Then he went away and Abraham returned home.

Genesis 19

6. Genesis 19:1 – 2 The two angels arrived in Sodom where they met Lot at the Gateway who then got up to meet them then bowed down with his face to the ground, saying please stay at my house for the night to which they answered no, we will spend the night in the square.
7. Genesis 19:3 – 3 But Lot insisted so they came to his house where he prepared a meal for the.
8. Genesis 19:4 – 5 Before bed time, all the men from Sodom came and surrounded Lot’s house then called out to Lot to bring them out that the men might have sex with the men (angels).
9. Genesis 19:6 – 8 Lot then went outside and did a stupid thing offering his own daughters for them to have sex with but not to do anything to the men (angels) as they were under Lot’s protection.
10. Genesis 19:9 – 11 The men of the city taunted Lot as an outsider and that they would treat Lot worse, to which the angels struck the men of the city with blindness.
11. Genesis 19:12 – 14 The angels then told Lot to gather up his family and leave Sodom as the Lord had sent them to destroy Sodom, to which Lot gathered his wife and daughters (and future son’s-in’law) to leave, but the future sons-in-law thought he was joking.
12. Genesis 19:15 – 17 With dawn approaching, the angels told Lot to hurry and leave so Lot took his wife and daughters and did so for the Lord was merciful to them, one angel urging them to flee, don’t look back, don’t stop; flee to the mountains or you will be swept away.
13. Genesis 19:18 – 22 Lot pleads with the angel to not make him go to the mountains, but flee to the town of Zoar which is granted.
14. Genesis 19: 23 – 26 By the time Lot reached Zoar, the sun had risen and the Lord rained down burning sulfur upon the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding plain of all living vegetation, but Lot’s wife turned and looked back, and was changed into a pillar of salt.
15. Genesis 19:27 – 28 The next morning Abraham returned to where he had stood before the Lord to see the smoke rising from the land as from a furnace.
16. Genesis 19:29 – 29 When God destroyed the cities, he remembered Abraham and Lot and family. Count them as four righteous, not ten.
17. Genesis 19:30 – 36 Lots and his daughters settled in the mountains and lived in a cave, where the daughters schemed on getting Dad drunk and having sex with him to keep the family line going, both becoming pregnant.
18. Genesis 19:37 – 38 The older daughter had a son named Moab who became the father of the Moabites, and the young daughter had a son and she named him Ben-Ammi who became the father of the Ammonites.


(Summarize main groupings of thoughts. Goal of 2, 3 or 4 divisions. ID passages covered)

1. Genesis 18:1 – 33 The Lord visits Abraham who stands for the righteous.

Application: How are you willing to stand for the righteous whom you know?

2. Genesis 19:1 - 22 Angels visit Sodom, are hosted and protected by Lot, who then protect him.

Application: How are you standing for the righteous?

3. Genesis 19:23 - 38 The Lord delivers judgment upon Sodom and Gomorrah.

Application: How are you telling others about God love grace and judgment to come?

Subject Sentence
(Summarizing the Divisions into one sentence – ten words or less):

God honors the faithful and protects the righteous.

(A main teaching point for the overall study of the passages):

To cause the audience to see that God is just and faithful to protect the righteous and judge the unrighteous.

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