Monday, November 12, 2012

Genesis 11:1 - 9; Lesson 9

John's study this week:

(In your own words, summarize passages into sentences. Goal of 12 – 15 sentences)

Genesis 11:1-9

1. Genesis 11: 1 – 1 To this point in man’s history, everyone spoke with a common language.
2. Genesis 11: 2 – 4 People settled on a plain in Shinar building a city of brick instead of stone with a tower that ‘reaches the heavens, to give them self-importance, and they believed that if they didn’t do so they would be scattered over the face of the earth.’
3. Genesis 11: 5 – 6 God sees what the people were up to and said ““If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.”
4. Genesis 11:7 – 7 God then decided to confuse their language so that they would not understand each other.
5. Genesis 11: 8 – 8 Then God scattered the people over all the earth causing them to stop building.
6. Genesis 11: 9 The Lord confused the peoples languages of the world, the city was called Babel.


(Summarize main groupings of thoughts. Goal of 2, 3 or 4 divisions. ID passages covered)

1. Genesis 11:1 - 4 People were speaking in one language and saw themselves as self-important choosing to work together, feeling like they could accomplish anything without God.

Application: How do you feel about what you can accomplish on your own without God?

2. Genesis 11:5 – 9 God’s blessing is withdrawn when people start thinking of themselves and not God.

Application: Have you seen God remove / withhold blessings when we don’t look to Him?

Subject Sentence
(Summarizing the Divisions into one sentence – ten words or less):

People rob themselves of blessing when they focus on themselves.

(A main teaching point for the overall study of the passages):

To cause the audience to see that God’s blessing may be withdrawn when we focus on what we can do and stop focusing on Him.

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